At Hurtado Deals we have the best solutions for your coupon communication medium, affiliate content, comparators, and much more. In addition, we have great products such as MEGAdiscounts.

Nuestras diferentes soluciones
Nuestras diferentes soluciones

Our differents


Since 2013 we have been developing the best white-label solutions for the partners with whom we work in Mexico, Chile, Spain & Brazil.

We have very diverse products, and solutions that help your company to generate additional income effortlessly, since Hurtado Deals takes care of everything, from product development to monetization, through maintenance and reports.

We have the best international team to achieve it. The experience we have gives us the ability to create new things and get them up and running in a matter of days.

Affiliate content for media

Bcompras by Milenio

  • Reviews, product analysis and comparisons
  • Powerful and fast SEO positioning
  • A source of incredible traffic and guaranteed income
Nuestras diferentes soluciones
Nuestras diferentes soluciones

White label coupon solution


  • Solution of discount coupons for media
  • Quick income and easy organic positioning
  • We work with the best affiliate networks in the world

White label coupon solution

Publimetro Descuentos

  • Global partner with great performance
  • Active collaboration since 2020
  • Guaranteed income every month
Nuestras diferentes soluciones
Nuestras diferentes soluciones

Marca propia de cupones

Promocupón Chile

  • Own brand active in Chile since 2020
  • Great performance and collaborations with Chilean brands
  • Exclusive coupons & great visibility options



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Brands we work with

Affiliate networks we work with

Over the years we have started a very close collaboration with the largest affiliate networks in the world, which allows us to generate higher income, get exclusive coupons & work hand in hand with the best brands.


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